4 Ultimate Tips for Buying Adorable Clothes for Babies

Purchasing adorable baby clothes can be fun; with so many brands and choices available, it can be quite tough for the first-time buyers to find the right clothes for babies. Kids grow fast and hence you should perhaps go for a slightly larger size during the initial years. With selection of more fabrics, colors, and silhouettes than ever, new parents should get carried away by the style quotient, but pay good attention to comfort and fit as well.

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The basic information provided in this guide will help you choose the most adorable, gorgeous outfits at affordable prices. There is a slight difference between 3-6months and newborn baby clothes and hence you need to make a practical choice, by knowing the different types of clothes.

Remember not to buy extra-large clothes, as you will need to wait for infants to grow! Choose something that is easy to clean can withstand heavy-wash and retain its even after multiple washes, because you’ll have to wash baby clothes almost daily!

Choosing the Right Size

Most brands sell clothes based on age, newborn (0-3), 3-6months, 6-9 months, 1 year, and so on. There are chances that size from one make would be different from another, as there is no standard size in clothing industry.

Choosing the Right Size

If you’re purchasing something for a 6-month old baby, purchase clothes size for 9months or 12 months. Though it may look little big, it’ll fit as the baby grows quickly. However, this age doubling formula depends on baby’s size, weight and height too. If your kid is at least 2-3 years old, then you need to talk to him/her about tastes, what he/she like, and determine whether or not it goes with their personality.


Undershirts, either with long or short sleeves, are easier to put on babies; you can choose either one-piece cotton dress or infant long gowns to keep their feet warm. You can opt for stretch suits or sleepers rather than covering your baby with quilts or blankets.

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Cap/hat is yet another essential item that keep kids warm and cozy, no matter whether they are indoors or out under the sun. Consider snowsuit and sweaters, depending upon the general weather conditions of the place you live in.

Consider Safety and Comfort

loosely knitted clothes for babies

Beware of bows, pom-poms, hooks, or tiny buttons as they can be dangerous for infants. Do not buy loosely knitted clothes, as there are high chances of your kid’s tiny toes or fingers getting trapped in. Look for safety, durability, softness, and ease of dressing first and then focus on style factor.

Things to Avoid

Be wary of fiber contents in the label, so that you can take enough care measures. Avoid semitransparent clothes or poor finishes, as it won’t last for several months. Clothes with loosely elastic waists or snap open legs can be handy as it offers quick access to diaper area. Whatever you buy, make it a point to wash the garments before your kid wears them to avoid skin irritation or rashes. Use a detergent prescribed by the maker; avoid using fabric softener, dryer sheets, and bleach.

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Be Selective

You may be tempted to buy designer or expensive dresses, but pay attention to cost. Go for branded labels and there is little point in investing hefty amount for tights, plain tops, or vests. You do not have to spend bundles on shoes and clothes, but instead invest on wipes or diapers.

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