4 Tips to Get You Started on Your Kid’s Halloween Costume

Halloween is a time when even the Addams family fit in with the rest of the crowd. It’s a celebration of the spooky and the weird. Trick or treating forms a central part of this holiday and you can only participate in it if you’re a kid and you’re wearing the right attire. Costumes are the most important element of Halloween and it’s what keeps parents awake at nights. Every parent struggles with their kid’s costume. It’s something I like to call the ‘Halloween curse’. If you’re looking to avoid the Halloween curse this time around then listen up. Here are a few tips to help you with your kid’s costume.


There are only a few opportunities for your child to trick or treat before he’s too old to do it anymore. Hence, it’s important to make every opportunity count. Don’t roll your child in toilet paper and call him a “Mummy”, that’s the worst thing you could do. If you’re going to make a costume, you better do it right. Brainstorm with your child to come up with a costume idea that is creative and easy to make. It’s a rare thing to watch a parent and a child work together, so you need to come up with something amazing to honor it.



Based on the costume idea you’ll need to do your research. You can’t pull a great costume from thin air, it takes time and effort. Try to find the most basic form of the costume on the internet and then improve on it with your own unique ideas. Even if you’re not particularly good at drawing, you can come up with a sketch for the costume to show your child what it’s supposed to look like. You may not execute it perfectly, but even if you come close you should consider yourself a winner.

Work In Progress

You can’t really make a costume from scratch, and no one expects you to either. Make a list of all the things that’ll come together to make up your costume. Regular kids clothing can be altered and incorporated in your design. With a few cuts and a few stitches an old t-shirt can be turned into a cape. Silver or gold foil over card paper can be used to create body armor, incase your son is thinking about becoming a Centurion this year. Don’t worry if the costume looks a bit silly, that’s the point of Halloween.



Accessories provide authenticity to the costume and help with its credibility. A kid dressed in a black cloak could be anything, but with a scythe in his hand he’s the Grim Reaper. This doesn’t mean you give your child a scythe to hold.That would be crazy and dangerous. You can fashion one out of a stick, cardboard and some silver foil. If you’ve screwed up the costume you can still redeem yourself with the accessories and save Halloween.

Buying or renting costumes isn’t what Halloween’s about. It’s about making a costume with your child, even if it happens to be an eyesore. You’ll always get points for trying and you’ll always end up with something more than what you had imagined.

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.