Kids Still Want the Gift of Fitness

Many view the kids of today electronic crazed, addicted to indoor activities such as gaming and television binge watching, resulting in little body movement and an unhealthy lifestyle. The truth however, is that kids play with the toys we give them. While a kids are still physically growing, they have an abundance of energy due to growth hormones circulating throughout their bodies. It is necessary for kids to get outside, run around and play, and interact with other children face to face. This holiday season, while shopping for the little ones in your family, make sure to purchase a few toys that will get the kids out of the house and induce outdoor playtime. There are three words that every child loves to hear, Toys “R” Us! This well-known quality toy store offers a wide range of toys that secretly also gives any child the gift of fitness. Here are some key things to look for while gift shopping.

Look for Toys with Wheels

Bicycles, scooters, wagons, skateboards, skates are still gifts that every kid dreams of. Activities such as biking and skating offers a terrific workout that offers cardiovascular benefits, relieves stress and strengthens muscles. Make sure to pair the wheels with some safety gear such as a helmet and knee pads. Any of these gifts will make an amazing gift for any child.

Look for Toys that Induce Running

Toy blasters, such as NERF guns and NERF arrows, water blasters and soakers, Frisbees, and kites will induce running and a lot of fun without the kids even knowing how much exercise they are getting. Most of these items are budget friendly ranging from $10 to $40, allowing you to purchase a variety of toys.

Look for Sporty Toys

As kids start to grow, pay attention to the type of sports and physical activities they are attracted to. A kid may love basketball, baseball, jumping on a trampoline, or even practicing yoga. The only thing is a child will never know what they love to do if they don’t know it exist. Try to create an enriched environment that allows kids to try different things. A trampoline, a basketball hoop, a volley ball net, various sport balls and gloves are all great options to get any kid excited about sports and eager to get outside to play.