A Few Tips for Using In-Store Mannequins Successfully

Retail displays have to rely on realistic size mannequins in order to show the true beauty and functionality of the items in question. This has generally been the most convincing advertizing form. There is something really convenient about this – you won’t have to change the mannequin itself, just what’s on it. This gives you maximum flexibility, as you can change the display daily. To make more of it, consider the following tips.

High quality

First of all, you need to purchase a high quality display mannequin – at least one, to be used as main piece in the most visible spot. This means good materials, with a nice finish (not just dull plastic), regardless of color.

Using In-Store Mannequins


As for the positioning, the store window or a central position tend to work best. Place it wherever it will automatically get a lot of attention (be in the view in a natural way) and not fill a corner with it, where visitors usually don’t look.


Use several products on the mannequin, not just one or two. Create meaningful ensembles with skirts/trousers, shirts, blouses, blazers, plus accessories like hats, necklaces, bangles, brooches, belts or gloves. You should try to draw attention to as many items as you can, without letting this go out of hand.

Use several products

The style

To showcase products in the best way, imagine the target customer and what this one looks like. Then you will be able to create a coherent look or style. This will attract the people you need. Put the mannequin on a pedestal to make it truly stand out. Choose models with a complete body, so you can display anything on them.

Using mannequins the right way will power up your clothing business. Don’t forget to maintain these properly. Dirty or sloppy looking ones will quickly repel the customers.