How to find your ideal heel height

Height is a random variable. Everyone has a different height and a different take on it. High heels help you alter your height effectively and immediately. High heels have become a wardrobe essential when it comes to ladies shoes. They come in all shapes and sizes. With the various options available in this footwear across all the monsoon sale latest offers, it is important to know which one to wear and when.

The height of a heel depends on upon two very important factors-

  1. Outfit
  2. Occasion

To find an ideal heel height for yourself, you need to keep both these factors in mind. A perfect pair of heels can help you boost your confidence and help you in making an impact with your outfit. Being an essential part of your attire is wearing the right pair of heels.

Let’s divide the heel into3 groups for convenience-

  1. 1-2 inches – small heels
  2. 2-4 inches – medium heels
  3. 4-6 inches – high heels

Tips to find an ideal heel height-

  1. Keep the outfit in mind

Any outfit is incomplete without the footwear. It is thus important to keep the outfit in mind while picking a pair of heels for yourself. To generalize, wear high heels with trousers, saris, and dresses, medium length sandals with shorts and short dresses and small heals with saris (for tall women) and palazzo pants.

  • Garments like trousers, saris and dresses give a lot of space to feet. This allows you to wear high heels with them with ease. As these garments hide your legs, high heels help you gain back your height lost due to illusion.
  • Shorts and short dresses reveal your legs and make them look longer. It is therefore advised to not wear high heels with them but rather medium ones.
  • Saris, when worn by tall women, make them look elegant and highlight their height. It is thus advisable for them to wear shorter heels. These heels also allow for easy and safemovement.
  1. Dress for the occasion

At any occasion all the pressure of roaming around, dancing or making a presentation affects your feet and stresses them. So it is important to remember the occasion for which you are dressing and wear heels of an appropriate size.

  • When going for a party, it is advised to wear short heels. These heels reduce the pressure on your feet and allow you to dance your way all night.
  • When you are in a meeting or a formal setting, go for a pair of medium length heels as it not only relieves the stress on your feet but also gives you the much-needed confidence.
  • If you are goingto an event which doesn’t require a lot of moving around go for a high pair of heels as you will be able to carry them off superbly.

If you have had your quota of high heels, you can simply retire to the pressure-free comfortable flat shoes or sandals. These are another reliable option which can be used from time to time with all outfits to take a break from heels.These options are easily available on various online shopping sites in India.