Cut the Cost of Kids!

We all know it: kids are expensive to raise. From diapers to school clothes to tuition, having children is one of the most costly aspects of enjoying a family. While there’s no way past the fact that they need food, clothing, and an education to thrive, that doesn’t mean you have to go broke trying to do it. Here are some ways savvy parents save on the cost of raising kids in our modern world:

Ignore the trends. Don’t buy a product just because it’s being aggressively marketed and all the other kids have one. Often a lower cost pair of shoes or jeans is just as good or better when it comes to quality, so don’t spend an extra hundred just for a logo. Your child won’t be traumatized without it.

Buy in the off season. Swim stuff goes on clearance in the middle of summer; winter boots are cheap in spring. Plan ahead and don’t pay top retail price unless you have to.

Look for online deals. Often a store will have deep discounts on their online clearance site and you can take advantage of the extra savings, especially if you look for free shipping offers.

Speaking of offers, download the Groupon app and you’ll find thousands of coupons and discounts from many major retailers. Make a habit of checking the app before you shop and you’ll quickly find a big savings every time!

Don’t be afraid to buy used. Resale shops, consignment stores, and online sales groups are all great places to find stuff your children need. Whether it’s baseball equipment, school uniforms, or college textbooks, you’re sure to find savings and no one will be the wiser.

Check with other parents. Look for Mom-to-Mom sales, ask your friends, and ask your family members if they have what your kids need. Many times you’ll find it gathering dust in someone else’s basement or garage, and all you’ll have to pay is the time it takes for a gentle cleaning!

The main thing to remember is to pause and think before you open your wallet. You’re sure to find many more ways to save on parenting!